March 26, 2018

Over the years I have occasionally blogged about my model railroad hobby. In 2013 I established this site to document my second layout. The third layout didn’t get much publication. In 2016 I started my fourth layout and, in an effort to simplify my life, decided to post about that layout on my main blog.

Now it is 2018. A new layout is underway, and I have decided that this site would be the best place to write about it. My hope is that it will be easier to write more frequently if I am not trying to consider an audience that has no interest in model railroading (not that my main blog has much of an audience anyway). Plus, it seems nice for my layout to have its own dedicated home on the internet.

I’ve moved the posts about the 2016-2017 layout to this site here, and hope to publish a entry about the new layout soon!