Paint It Black

July 1, 2013

A few weeks ago my wife and I had started work on the Atlas O Signal Tower model, the first plastic model I’ve built in probably twenty years. I am trying to “do it right” this time and not take any shortcuts, so when I realized that the walls were going to be so thin that any interior lights would make the walls glow, construction stopped and I headed to the hobby store to buy some paint.

Now I’m finally getting around to doing that painting. I had to paint the lower level assembled, but the second story was unassembled so it was much easier to get some paint on – next time I’ll paint everything before starting.

The results are good; as you can see above Before there was quite a bit of light coming though, and now after about three uneven coats of flat black there’s very, very little. I intend to give the interior another coat of off-white to make it a bit more interesting inside, as well as possibly adding a dividing wall, furniture, etc. to provide a bit more interest.

The photo above is being lit by a single warm white LED which is pointing down. I’ll probably have a ceiling light in the lower level and try to do one or two lantern style lights in the upper floor, which will have a worker in it manning the switch levers. Not quite sure how I’ll turn a LED into a lantern yet.

There’s an exterior gooseneck lamp too, which I spent quite a bit of time researching sources for a few weeks ago. There are some cheap lamps from China that are similar on eBay, but the Cadillac seems to be the Gooseneck Light Kit from Ngineering. If they sold them assembled I’d have ordered a few immediately, but the construction process looks somewhat daunting to somebody who’s pretty new at modeling.